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Morocco Roadtrip

Morocco Roadtrip

Road tripping Morocco was such a good idea. We started off in Marrakesh, and stayed 2 nights in a Riad in the Medina. It was my friend Reo’s 20th birthday so we went on a trip with both our lovers.

We rented a car and Kayu drove. We left Marrakesh to the Sahara Desert, and drove 12 hours that day till midnight, reached a petrol station in the middle of nowhere and got picked up by a 4x4 from KAMKAM DUNES, where we camped in the Sahara for 2 nights. It was so beautiful and so was the drive. We listened to music the whole time, and stopped in the most photogenic places on the way, as well as for snacks and pee stops.

My friend Reo is a photographer and we all love photography so it was a pleasure for us all to snap away and create timeless content.

Morocco is a beautiful country,and we did meet some great kind hearted humans that gave us the best tips and with who we shared some great moments and countless laughs. Although, i was personally shocked in the abuse for animals in some places, the lack of human rights was pretty shocking in some places which gave us a couple of creapy experiences. However, there was definitely light within the darkness which gives me a pull to go back one day.

I personally preferred visiting and roaming the more isolated locations. The locals were welcoming and respectful, definitely more sense of freedom in the isolation.

I realized that tourism has influenced some locals. As money, empowered and corrupted some of the Moroccan minds, it had become their priority. Their priority before animal rights, before kindness. Money, greed & power overruled.

Looking at these photos makes me feel everything so deeply and takes me straight back to those moments. I love shooting on film and it so much more special to me to have pictures taken in the moment as it represents what actually happened with no filter and so rawly. Not knowing what its going to look like and not taking 20 of the same picture makes it more special. And developing film always feels like christmas: it’s always full of surprises.

I hope you enjoy these, comment any questions you would like to know!

LOVE, Inka

Portugal October 2018

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