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Seven Girls, Ten Islands

Seven Girls, Ten Islands

One of my favourite places on earth, nothing but us and mother nature.

For My best friend Reo's 18th, she decided she didn't want a normal birthday party, so we got the idea of planning something different that would not only stay in our memories forever, but also make us closer and make it a life changing experience. Thats when I called my family friend who own's @LePirateBeachClub and he helped us make the dream happen.

@LePirateBeachclub is a branch of hotels/beach huts/ and now boatels that started on the small island of Nusa Ceningan (an island off Bali where my family actually owns a weekend home as well). My 28 year old brother Koh managed Le Pirate on that island and trained the staff basically from scratch the first 8 months they opened. Le Pirate Beach Club  then started expanding the branch to Gili Trawangan and Flores, where they started the LE PIRATE EXPLORER cruise. Thats what we did for 2 nights/3 days, island hopping through the islands of Flores, also known as Komodo National park, Which mean's its inhabited and all that roams around is pure nature. We Spent all day swimming in crystal clear waters, with Sea Turtles,manta rays and even a couple of baby reef sharks! Spending this time with my Bali Girlfriends was a bonus.

I remember looking down at the sand, closing my eyes, and looking back up not believing this was real life. 

As you may or may not know, I grew up in Bali, a small island in Indonesia. My parents moved to Bali in 1981, and growing up looking at my mom's photo's on the deserted, beautiful,clean beaches Bali used to have, always made it a dream of mine to one day have the opportunity to experience lands and nature at its purest form too. Bali now a days is very developed. Its actually crazy how much it has changed in 35 years, But even more crazy to see how much it's changed in the last 8 years. Rubbish and plastic waste is becoming a BIG problem. I feel like its getting worse by the year and it makes me so sad to even see islands like Flores, where most have the population of 0 , covered in plastic and rubbish brought with the currents :( . Fish are swimming in waste, and fishermen are starting to fish more plastic than anything else these days. Ever since I started going back after the first time, more and more people started visiting the islands, and more and more rubbish was floating around. I think it's so important to respect nature and try do our best to give back to it and keeping it clean. I will always cherish these moments I spent with my girlfriends and the love I have for being in the wild with no worry in the world. I so grateful for the life I am given and will always keep searching for places like these and also want to do more to help keeping them protected,wild, and untouched. 






Elle Australia with my girls!

Elle Australia with my girls!