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Nature's great masterpiece, an elephant; the only harmless great thing.✖️John Donne
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In a perfect world, wildlife sanctuaries would be obsolete and animals would roam free, living harmoniously alongside mankind in lush ecosystems. 🌍🌿Unfortunately, the world that we live in has seen catastrophic decimation of habitats and biodiversity, through deforestation, poaching, agriculture, industrialisation & other global issues. 😔Thousands of species, like the elephant, have become endangered or extinct, and conservation programs have become a necessity to helping preserve their kind.

I did a lot of research before organising a photoshoot at The Elephant Safari Park at Taro, as unfortunately many wildlife parks exist that exploit or abuse their animals. 😡I’m a big animal lover and would never want to promote a place that does not operate in an ethical manner. 🙌🏽The elephants here in Taro have all been rescued from dire circumstances in Sumatra, where they are often trapped, poisoned or shot. Here, they find 24hr care and are treated with kindness, patience and respect. 🙏🏽The park is entirely self-supporting, with all profits going directly back to the park and elephants. 💸The mahouts train their elephants with verbal commands and are immediately dismissed if they turn to abuse. There is also a very strict policy with elephant rides to ensure their wellbeing. 🍃This beautiful guy, Tagor, was munching away on his lunch and totally chilled whilst we worked with him & it was wonderful seeing the very respectful relationship between him and his mahout. 💚
For more information, please look up their website - and please, if you ever visit an elephant park or sanctuary, do your research and don’t support places that aren’t putting the animals’ wellbeing first!

Seven Girls, Ten Islands

Seven Girls, Ten Islands